black gloves – blackmail

vedova allegraEvery man has a weakness.  Nathan’s frailty was a woman dressed in silk opera gloves.  He blamed Rita Hayworth, after being transfixed by her in Gilda.  From then, the majority of his best wanking thoughts involved a woman seducing him wearing gloves.

This private fantasy had never materialized to anything more than a fantasy and so hadn’t been a problem; that is, until red headed Kristy arrived at his office. The new office manager was a tall elegant lady who was maybe ten years older than Nathan and had recently been divorced. She had noticed the supposedly happily married Nathan staring at her slim legs on numerous occasions, and in Nathan’s mind, he thought she was more than just aware her legs got a lot of attention.

One night, she called Nathan in to her office and asked him for a favour. Continue reading

The Mouse, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Mouse, the Witch and the Wardrobe…
Guy had been chatting with Mistress Beverly for many years – over 12 now and throughout that time had been through several relationships.  Lucy was different though – they had finally got married this year after 4 years together and although he often felt he wasn’t good enough for her he really hoped he could hold on to her and they could grow old together.  She was incredibly accepting of his increasingly strange sexual behaviour and played along with many of his fantasies, but there was plenty of stuff he hadn’t told her, because he knew if she knew the worst bits she would find it difficult to stay with him.

Guy’s fantasies had developed a lot over the years.  When he had first started chatting to Mistress Beverly they had mostly involved him beating himself, a little anal, women’s underwear and saying humiliating stuff.  Over time time his tastes (like those of many silly boys looking for thrills) had become more and more depraved.  Mistress Beverly had tried not to encourage some of his more bizarre behaviours, but had to admit to herself that the more bizarre he got the funnier it got!  Over the years she had made (or helped, depending on how you looked at it) him do a variety of humiliating and/or painful things such as going out onto his street at night dressed as a slutty sissy, hung weights off of his balls, left him tied up for long periods, and many more things so depraved that they are unmentionable even in this account of his story!

In recent years his behaviour had become rather more unruly, erratic, annoying and OTT. Continue reading

Hypnotic Triggers

TRIGGERS. I’m a disbeliever in them.  Yes, shocking, isn’t it, being that I own a hypnotic listing on the Niteflirt platform.  I should be telling you I can trigger you anytime I want, but if I don’t believe in triggers, that would be silly.  What I do believe in, however, is brainwashing, conditioning, and programming.  I have many that will vouch for my expertise in this.  (Of course, they will vouch; they’ve been brainwashed.)
Often, I am emailed asking if I can do this and do that, and will it work.  I offer no guarantees of anything working.  What I can guarantee is that I will do whatever it is I do, to give them a feeling of pleasure, relaxation, and arousal.  I say arousal because my subjects are mainly interested in erotic hypnosis.
With silence at the other end of line, I can often pick up whether it is working or not.  Don’t ask me how, but I can feel the acceptance through the line. Telepathic empathy?   Intuitive deduction?
Who knows?  Who cares?  Let go, free fall…

I don’t think one should bring reason or question into the hypnotic experience.   That rather defeats or hinders what the subject is searching for: a feeling of mentally disappearing and letting go.


If I repeatedly use the word ‘red’ and at the same time encourage a pleasurable feeling every time I introduce the word, then the subconscious mind is going to equate that with pleasure.  That is not a trigger, in my book, but more a  Pavlovian conditioning.  Seductive conditioning works best.  That’s a no-brainer!

So, please… don’t ask for a magic trigger on a first call.  I might indulge you and oblige, but you better believe I’ll be really working on the first step of conditioning you.

psychic mesmerised him to spend 12,000 on her…

The complete article can be found here:

‘Psychic mesmerised me to spend £12,000 on her’

When racing driver Jim Gotobed fell for his Tarot card reader he crossed her palm with more than silver.

The 50-year-old amateur racer lavished £12,000 on blonde psychic Tracie Long during a ten-month affair.

But he told magistrates he felt ‘hypnotised’ after his sessions with Ms Long and came out of each one ‘more deeply in love with her’.

Mr Gotobed’s attraction for the psychic, which resulted in him divorcing his wife of 25 years, unfolded in court where he was cleared of harassing Ms Long.

She had accused him of texting her repeatedly, writing to her parents, contacting a local newspaper, reporting her to the spiritualists’ professional association and threatening to kill her.

But magistrates’ chairman Ian Fuller said 48-year-old Ms Long had been ‘evasive’ in her testimony whereas he considered Mr Gotobed to be ‘honest, straightforward and convincing’.

After the case, Mr Gotobed admitted he had been ‘gullible’, adding: ‘I realise now she was after my money.’

The father of two, from Romford, in Essex, said he had known Ms Long 30 years earlier and their friendship was rekindled through Facebook.

He told Chelmsford magistrates’ court her first Tarot reading related to his marriage and she said he should ‘get a quick divorce’.

After further readings, in which he was told to ‘unburden’ himself, the sales manager sold his prized racing car, guns and guitar collections.

He had arranged for his wages to be paid into her account and handed in his notice at work after she told him he wasn’t earning enough. He said Ms Long had told him their future was predicted in the cards and that he would marry her.

Ms Long described his love as ‘obsessed’ and told the court he had threatened to shoot her when their relationship ended.

She said she had only given him a non-professional ‘mini reading’ and denied telling him they would be married.

(Chelmsford  – know it well. Of course, I personally found this article rather amusing.  Others might not find it so.)


femmehypI’ve been told I’m rather good at it!
I don’t believe in triggers.  I believe in




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