The Mouse, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Mouse, the Witch and the Wardrobe…
Guy had been chatting with Mistress Beverly for many years – over 12 now and throughout that time had been through several relationships.  Lucy was different though – they had finally got married this year after 4 years together and although he often felt he wasn’t good enough for her he really hoped he could hold on to her and they could grow old together.  She was incredibly accepting of his increasingly strange sexual behaviour and played along with many of his fantasies, but there was plenty of stuff he hadn’t told her, because he knew if she knew the worst bits she would find it difficult to stay with him.

Guy’s fantasies had developed a lot over the years.  When he had first started chatting to Mistress Beverly they had mostly involved him beating himself, a little anal, women’s underwear and saying humiliating stuff.  Over time time his tastes (like those of many silly boys looking for thrills) had become more and more depraved.  Mistress Beverly had tried not to encourage some of his more bizarre behaviours, but had to admit to herself that the more bizarre he got the funnier it got!  Over the years she had made (or helped, depending on how you looked at it) him do a variety of humiliating and/or painful things such as going out onto his street at night dressed as a slutty sissy, hung weights off of his balls, left him tied up for long periods, and many more things so depraved that they are unmentionable even in this account of his story!

In recent years his behaviour had become rather more unruly, erratic, annoying and OTT.  Mistress Beverly had often wondered about teaching him a proper lesson, but always ended up backing off as, as much as she enjoyed watching his pathetic little face squirm from shame and embarrassment, she also knew her role as the (often needed) voice of sanity was an important one that she should (probably) maintain.  With his recent behaviour however he was really beginning to try her patience.  He was constantly disrespecting his wife in front of her in ways she found truly unacceptable, plus had become rather obsessed with a young friend of his called Simone.  She was an impressionable and mildly disturbed beautiful young woman, and Beverly suspected that the only reason he had not strayed from his wife with her is that Simone would never have touched him sexually. Beverly thought about this one evening, whilst enjoying a cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  Because of Guy’s obsession with Blackmail and ruination she has a massive file of photos, videos, letters, confessions and contact details on her computer.  As she flicked through them she giggled to herself.  There was some dynamite stuff in there!  She thought many times of exposing him using her dossier, but always figured that leaving Lucy knowing what she had spent so much time with wouldn’t be good for her.

Suddenly she resolved to change her approach with this pathetic little piggy. She enjoyed calling him piggy and he seemed to have taken to it, even buying himself a pig mask!  Recently though he had a new obsession.  He kept talking about how he was the mouse and she was the cat.  He liked the idea of how the cat would capture the mouse, then toy with it relentlessly breaking down it’s defenses and teasing it until the cat finally moved in for the kill.  Well, he thought he liked it.

Beverly had an interesting range of hobbies, but had recently started studying something that had fascinated her for years.  She had been studying Witchcraft.  At first it was simple historical interest – the Salem witch trials and early Pagan rituals. Now though she had met some Ladies who claimed to use it in life.  The thought of that both intrigued her and made her a little nervous.  One night whilst chatting with Cheryl, who claimed to be able to use Black Witchcraft, Beverly told her about Guy.  Cheryl said “If you like, I could help you teach him a real lesson?”.  Why not – thought Beverly – I don’t really believe that she can cast spells, but it will be a pretty funny session with him – and if it turns out she can, then I can’t think of a more suitable or disposable slave of mine to help me find out!  They chatted well into the early hours of the morning and came up with a plan.  Beverly already had a session scheduled with Guy the following evening, as it was a Friday and his wife Lucy was going to be away for the whole weekend.

2pm (Mistress Beverly time) – on Yahoo Messenger with Guy:
Mistress Beverly: Hello my little one.  While the wife’s away, you want to play, right?
Guy: I have still been thinking a lot about you as the cat and me as the mouse Mistress.
Mistress Beverly: Good, because I’ve been giving that a lot of thought also.  In fact, I have an idea…
Mistress Beverly: Firstly I want you to gather together everything you have in the house that you would not want Lucy to find.  Your sissy clothes, toys, and particularly the photos of Simone!  Find every single bit, then go and throw it all in a public bin.
Guy: Why Mistress Beverly?  What are we going to do?
Mistress Beverly: Shut up, Guy.  You will find out soon enough!  Now do it and don’t message me until you have finished!
Guy: Yes Mistress Beverly!

Guy went to his task.  Because he was mentally weak he did end up sending a few more whining messages to Mistress Beverly whilst doing his task, updating her on his progress, but she did not reply.  He assumed she was off eating or something, or perhaps dealing with a more worthy specimen.

Beverly was actually watching every message.  Although she would normally just walk away, tonight felt important enough to give her full attention for a while.  Cheryl was sitting next to her and they were chatting and making sure that they had their plan right.  The whole thing seemed totally bonkers to Beverly, but Cheryl was a laugh and she enjoyed her company so she was happy to have her company while she dealt with the little wanker.

Guy: I have done it all Mistress Beverly.  Are you there?
Mistress Beverly: Yes Mouse.  Now shut up and wait whilst I get ready!
Guy: Yes Mistress Beverly!
about 30 minutes passed…..
Mistress Beverly: you there Guy?
Guy: Yes Mistress Beverly!
Mistress Beverly: OK.  Right, Guy – tonight you are in deep shit,  Your behaviour recently has gone way beyond what I am prepared to tolerate and so I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget!  Do you understand me?
Guy: Yes Mistress Beverly!
Mistress Beverly: You always say that and yet always seem to just about escape my clutches don’t you?
Guy: I do seem rather good at that yes Mistress Beverly!  May I put myself on video?
Mistress Beverly: Yes guy.  I would definitely not want to miss properly seeing what is going to happen to you tonight!

The video goes through and for the first time ever Beverly has turned her cam on.  The woman sitting in front of the camera is curvy, probably aged about 55yrs old but good looking.  She is staring into the camera and obviously looking at what Guy is doing.

Guy: Is that you that I can see on my screen Mistress Beverly?
Mistress Beverly: No Guy.  That is Cheryl.  She is a friend of mine and she has agreed to help me to teach you a lesson tonight.  She is a Witch.
Guy: A Witch Mistress..!?  Not really my thing Mistress!  Did you get her here for me?
Mistress Beverly: Yes I did, Guy.  We know how much you long to be a mouse, so she is going to help me to make that happen.  First though I want you to beg for it!
Guy: Lol! OK….
Mistress Beverly:OK.  We know that you are truly unworthy to have a wife like Lucy, in fact take that wedding ring off and leave it on the side.
Guy: Yes Mistress Beverly.

He kneels naked listening to Mistress Beverly speak, feeling a bit silly but nervous.

Mistress Beverly:Now Guy, as we have agreed that you are unworthy of Lucy and are in fact a huge pain in the arse for all women we have decided to do something about that.  So, repeat after me – Mistress Beverly and Miss Cheryl, please turn me into a mouse, so that my beautiful sexy wife Lucy can get on with her life and find a new man – one who can ravish her and who does not need to be abused and smothered by her feet and arse in order to come.

Guy: Mistress Beverly and Miss Cheryl, please turn me into a mouse, so that my wonderful sexy wife Lucy can find a new man with a big cock – one who can ravish her and who does not need to be smothered by her feet and arse to come.

Mistress Beverly: Close enough!
Miss Cheryl: Mousie – look into my eyes.
Guy: Yes Miss Cheryl…
Miss Cheryl begin rhythmically chanting: asar akar, ashontaashea, idiotio, wimpia, solo musculus, cave felem…

Guy: Yes Miss Chery, what language is that?

Miss Cheryl ignores his question and continues chanting, swaying side to side…

Guy gazes into her eyes and straight away feels strange, uncomfortable and like he shouldn’t go ahead with this. His horny little mind however has been dying for this session all week; he figures he might as well play along with this ridiculous little game that Mistress Beverly has dreamed up, then maybe he can persuade her to move to beating and humiliating him as he really craves!  Perhaps, even tying him up for a while and being verbal with him.  As he stares into the screen at Miss Cheryl swaying slightly as she continues to chant, he begins to feel slightly queezy, which perversely makes him more interested.  Maybe he’s just getting taken in by the role play!  After what feels like ages but was actually just under ten minutes the screen on their side goes blank.  He wants to reach forward to sort out the bloody useless computer, but feels frozen to the spot.  Something doesn’t feel quite right.

He feels a searing pain all over his body all at once and blacks out….

When he comes to something is wrong.  At first he thinks he’s been shrunk down somehow, then realizes of course he is dreaming.  As he still feels sleepy he lies down again and falls asleep once more.

When he awakes again, everything is still wrong.  The laptop in front of him now seems to be about 80ft tall.  Suddenly a booming deafening voice comes through the air!

Mistress Beverly: So Mousie, you got your fucking wish!

He looks up towards the screen disorientated, and nothing is there except a huge photo of a mouse as the desktop background.

Mistress Beverly: I have taken control of your computer and am currently deleting every trace of your perversion from it.  After all, it will be better for everyone’s sake if Lucy can move on as quickly as possible, including yours!

His head spins and he tries to speak…   Squeak squeak!

Mistress Beverly starts laughing uncontrollably!  I can’t believe that she actually fucking did it!  You are actually a mouse and an ugly one at that! She has put a curse on you, mousie,  and the only way you will ever stop being a mouse is if, or when, you watch Lucy fucking another man and he cums inside her! At that point you will then change back. I am off now, my pathetic little mousie – I would say good luck, but actually I don’t give a fuck!  Frankly you bought this on yourself!

This sends a shiver down his spine.  Cuckolding has always been a massive obsession of his, but Lucy never showed much interest.  Well, sort of.  He thinks she may have cheated on him, but she certainly showed no interest in sharing her affairs if she did!  Although, if he really isn’t human, it won’t be cuckolding…

But, what is going on? Can he really be a mouse?  He spots a discarded compact mirror under the bed, which is now almost as big as him and scurries over to it.  The image of a slightly mangy grey mouse stares back at him.  When he moves his head left the mouse moves its too.  When he shakes it up and own so does the mouse.  He tries to shout and scream but again just squeaks come out!  Then he hears Beverly again…

Mistress Beverly: I’m off now – and still laughing!   Remember all the times you begged me to ruin you?  Remember how you asked if I could really be a femme fatale? I think you now have the answer to that. Cave felemm!

Guy slumps onto the floor, suddenly aware that despite how ludicrous it seems this is actually happening.  He is a mouse, in his own house, with his wife due back sometime the next day.

When Lucy returns the next day she thinks it’s odd that Guy isn’t about, but settles down to watch some TV.  When he still hasn’t returned by midnight she gets worried and tries his phone, which she hears ringing  the house.  She calls his parents, friends and finally the police.  She can’t understand what could have happened, and finally goes to bed where she tosses and turns all night.  Mouse, who had been hiding under the sofa, now does a mouse-tiptoe and slides under the wardrobe.  His little tail, limp and curled around his body, he shivers and wishes he could climb up the bedpost and join his beloved in bed.

After a month of this Lucy starts accepting that maybe he isn’t coming back.  She has been crying night after night and decides that she needs a bit of space from the house that they have shared.  She moves into her Mum’s house for a while to clear her head.

Mouse is left all alone in the big house.  The kitchen cupboards offer his choice of restaurants, and the toilet is now his water fountain.  He daren’t try to leave as he fears he might get lost and never find his way back.  He waits hoping that one day she might return!

5 months pass – and Lucy decides that she needs to move on with her life.  She returns suddenly one afternoon with her friend Hayley.  Together they begin to pack up everything that belonged to Guy.

Lucy: I still really miss him. I miss his funny little ways, the little things, you know?
Hayley: I know, but you have to move on.  What about that nice guy Adrian?
Lucy: I like him and he has been amazingly patient with me.  I just can’t go there yet.
Hayley: He knows that, but don’t make him wait forever.  Hey, guys like that don’t come along very often!
Lucy: I’ll give it some thought.  Thank you for all of your help Hayley. I couldn’t have got through this without you. There’s nothing in the house, so let me buy you dinner tonight to say thank you. They do a great Roast Pork at our local.
Hayley: Sounds lovely mate

Together over the next week they pack and give away all of Guy’s stuff.  They also rearrange the whole house, change the bed, mattress, sheets, a sofa and some other bits that remind her too much of the past.  During this time Guy crawls around desperately trying to stay hidden whilst watching it all.  Whenever she goes to sleep he scurries under the wardrobe  and dries his tears with his feet.

Over the next few days Lucy settles back into the house and one evening Adrian comes over.  Guy sees him walk through the door, with a bottle of wine and smells the amazing feast that Lucy has cooked for him.  She rarely cooked when they were together – leaving it all to him as she was always very busy, and he was very willing.

Mouse, hidden in the corner, and watches them together.  Adrian is confident, caring and obviously really wants Lucy, but she won’t let him yet.  Mouse now wishes Adrian would just  move it along so he can turn back into himself and try to get her back!  Deep down he also wants so much to watch them fuck!  The cuckold mentality was still very much part of mouse… thank goodness, because he literally didn’t have a real leg to stand on, to fight for his woman.

The next week when Adrian is around again for dinner, Lucy suddenly spots mouse watching them and screams,  A mouse!

Adrian comes running over to try and stamp on him and almost succeeds!  The house has been so tidy and organized recently that mouse is hungry and a bit dazed, but he escapes, just…

The next day he hears the phone ring and Lucy picks it up.  It’s Adrian.

Adrian: Hello Lucy
Lucy: Hello darling
Adrian: I’ve got to go away for a few days, but I have a present to drop off for you.  Can I pop around in about half an hour?
Lucy: Sure
Adrian: OK – see you in a bit.  Love you
Lucy: (after a slight pause) Love you too Adrian

Mouse  starts crying, which obviously just comes out as a squeaks, and hurries away so Lucy will not hear him.

The door bell rings and Adrian comes in.  Mouse has sneaked back into the room and is watching them.  Adrian has bought in a big box, which he places on the floor.  He opens up the box and pulls out a gorgeous slim slinky black cat, with white spots on it’s paws.  To Lucy it looks cute, to mouse terrifying – he shudders!

Adrian: I thought this might sort your mouse problem darling.  Do you like it?
Lucy: I love it.  I shall call it Hunter!
Adrian: Best make that Miss Hunter – it’s a she.
Lucy: Miss Hunter it is!  Can you stay for a while?
Adrian: Sorry darling, but I’m away for work this weekend. This new promotion brings in the money alright, but does mean I have to attend these bloody boring conferences.
Lucy: Well, come round Monday night if you like. I’ll make us something special?
Adrian: Sounds great. I’ll call you tonight when I arrive.

Lucy sat back in a big arm chair and thought about the last 6 months of her life. It is had been very strange and something still didn’t feel right about Guy’s disappearance, but she knew she couldn’t mope around for ever. The moment Adrian had given her that cat she had realized just how sweet and loving he was – how much he cared for her. She resolved to open herself to him fully and suddenly couldn’t wait for Monday night to come!

On Monday Lucy took the day off work, went shopping and put together a wonderful 3 course, but light meal. She wanted it to be really special, but not to slow them down too much. Adrian arrived at 7pm on the dot, to an amazing range of smells coming from the front door. Lucy answered the door wearing a dress that mouse recognized from early in their relationship. He loved the way it squeezed her tits upwards and inwards, which together with the brand new smoking-hot lingerie he had watched her put on earlier, meant she looked even more amazing than she ever had with him. His tiny mouse genitalia ached from watching her get ready and he was reduced to humping the the leg of the wardrobe. Once he had spurted, suddenly the whole idea of the love of his life getting fucked by another guy seemed less appealing, but it was the only way – plus he didn’t really have any control any more anyway.

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The Last couple of days had been truly terrifying and mouse was lucky to still be alive with that fucking cat roaming about. It had almost caught him 3 times in only two days – and he knew that if they didn’t fuck tonight in front of him – if Adrian didn’t finally cum inside of Lucy tonight then he might well never see it, and might never be a person again.

Adrian being the perfect gentleman had turned up with flowers and some decent wine. Lucy was so horny by the time they sat down to dinner, she ran her foot up into his crotch and rubbed his enlarging cock through his trousers. She looked him in the eyes.

Lucy: Adrian I love you so much. You are amazing for being so patient with me.
Adrian: I love you Lucy and will wait as long as I need to.
Lucy: Thanks, but your cock is telling me something else! I’m ready Adrian. Shall we skip the main course and go straight to dessert?
Adrian: God yes!

They both stood up and came together to kiss passionately. Lucy then pulled away and led him to her bedroom. Unbeknown to them, the mouse had taken his spot under the wardrobe watching the bed intently. He saw them come in. Lucy ripped off Adrian’s shirt, then pulled off his trousers and pants and kneeled to take him in her mouth – something she had rarely been keen to do with Guy. Mouse felt at once excited, jealous, strangely happy to see her happy, but also destroyed it wasn’t with him! Still, this could mean him back to normal. Quite how he was going to explain how he has suddenly reappeared naked in her bedroom while she was fucking another guy was not going to be easy to explain.  Nevertheless, well-worth the explanation! Arousal and habit taking over, mouse absentmindedly rubbed his tiny genitalia against the wardrobe leg, while he watched.

After a while Adrian guided Lynette’s head up to his and kissed her passionately. He took her and laid her down on the bed, so her head was towards the side that Guy was watching from. He started to kiss from her head down to her beasts, and then lower towards her Pussy. Lucy stopped him and pulled his head back up to hers. She said “there’ll be plenty of time for that darling, but right now I just want to feel your cock inside me. Believe me I am wet enough right now that I don’t need that kind of warming up – and I want us to both come together for the first time.”

Adrian smiled and started to work his cock into her pussy. He glided it in halfway easily as she was wet, but she hadn’t had anything inside of her for some time – and had never accommodated quite such a large cock. He worked skilfully and gently pulling in and out, reading her responses the way a good lover will. Mouse couldn’t help think back to when they used to make love and she often directed him “slower darling”, “not so fast”, “hold it a little longer” etc. Adrian certainly didn’t seem to need that kind of help.

Mouse suddenly became aware that Lucy was pretty close to coming. Her head was slipped over the bed and her eyes were all over the place. He realized if Adrian came right now then he would still be under the wardrobe when he turned back into a human!  He quickly moved forward from under the wardrobe….

As he did, suddenly he was swept up into the air in the mouth of Miss Hunter who had smelled him under the wardrobe and had been patiently waiting. She didn’t clamp down right away, but instead tossed him to the floor and clamped a large sharp claw extended paw over his right leg, effortlessly pinning him in place, while her other paw clawed and toyed with him. Mouse squeaked out in pain!

Lucy’s eyes darted down to where Miss Hunter was toying with the mouse and screamed.
Lucy: That’s disgusting. I can’t watch that while we have sex!
Adrian: I’ll grab the mouse and finish it off where you can’t see darling.
Lucy: No – Miss Hunter has worked hard for that catch, just throw that mangy little thing into the hallway, then she can finish it off, and you can come back in here and finish me off darling!

Adrian, naked and still fully-erect,  stood up and walked towards Miss Hunter, pulled mouse by it’s tail out from within her jaws and tossed him out in to the hallway.  He wanted it far away enough that it couldn’t disturb this moment for him again – stupid little fucking mouse!

Mouse  landed with a little thump on the floor;  dazed and shaken up, he was just getting to his feet when once again the cat was on top of him.  He decided to stay as still as possible to slow down the cat’s games.  He wondered if perhaps the cat might get bored and show some mercy, as Mistress Beverly so often had in their games.  If only he could just survive until Adrian came, then he would grow back to his normal shape and size and he’d be free from the clutches of his nemesis, Miss Hunter!  He was definitely pretty badly injured by now, but reckoned that he might just be alright if Adrian came soon…….

Back in the bed room Adrian once again laid on top of Lucy and this time slid his entire length effortlessly into her.  The slight diversion didn’t seem to have upset her too much.  She moaned and writhed in pleasure under him while he got faster and faster.  After what was probably the longest most intense fuck of her whole life Lucy started to orgasm loudly.

That sound was the the most beautiful sound mouse had ever heard from his wife, Lucy. And then, quite suddenly, Miss Hunter, after having spent the last few minutes pawing and playing with mouse,  and getting very little response, simply got bored of him as he wouldn’t play!  Seconds later Adrian came inside of Lucy, a full glorious spurt that filled her right up like never before.

Lucy: Oh, darling,  that was perfect and… perfect timing!

Miss Hunter proudly strutted back into the bedroom, holding in her mouth the lifeless limp mouse and dropped it on the floor, dead center to Lucy’s side of the bed.  Lucy looked slightly repulsed but stroked the cat.

Lucy: Clever girl.  You’ve done your job haven’t you.  That little mangy thing won’t be bothering me again!

Adrian: Shall I dispose of it, so that we can relax and get on with the rest of our lives together darling?

Lucy just smiled and nodded, still in the post-reverie of making love .  Now, she just knew, she had finally rid herself of the torment of wondering whatever happened to Guy, and she was finally ready to move on with her life and…  felt better than she ever imagined.

And Ms. London?  Since the casting of the spell, and hearing nothing from Guy, she had made it her business to follow Lucy on Twitter.  Finally, she felt justified and rewarded when  one year later she read Lucy’s announcement of her marriage to Adrian. Ms. London now felt safe in assuming the little mouse never made it back.  It was a success story and a dead story.  She could now close his file, and with a ‘Cheshire grin’ she couldn’t hold back, moved on  to check on her other open files of mice and men.

copyright: Ms. London.
a joint venture  between a mouse, and Ms. London