Number 6 – Femme Cyclon


Battlestar Gallactica’s Number Six in all her various versions has to be the sexiest humanoid robot, and definitely deserving of a mention in the Femme Fatale clips.

IF you have never watched this brilliant series, the video clip gives you a glimpse.  I own the complete series on DVD


The Mouse, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Mouse, the Witch and the Wardrobe…
Guy had been chatting with Mistress Beverly for many years – over 12 now and throughout that time had been through several relationships.  Lucy was different though – they had finally got married this year after 4 years together and although he often felt he wasn’t good enough for her he really hoped he could hold on to her and they could grow old together.  She was incredibly accepting of his increasingly strange sexual behaviour and played along with many of his fantasies, but there was plenty of stuff he hadn’t told her, because he knew if she knew the worst bits she would find it difficult to stay with him.

Guy’s fantasies had developed a lot over the years.  When he had first started chatting to Mistress Beverly they had mostly involved him beating himself, a little anal, women’s underwear and saying humiliating stuff.  Over time time his tastes (like those of many silly boys looking for thrills) had become more and more depraved.  Mistress Beverly had tried not to encourage some of his more bizarre behaviours, but had to admit to herself that the more bizarre he got the funnier it got!  Over the years she had made (or helped, depending on how you looked at it) him do a variety of humiliating and/or painful things such as going out onto his street at night dressed as a slutty sissy, hung weights off of his balls, left him tied up for long periods, and many more things so depraved that they are unmentionable even in this account of his story!

In recent years his behaviour had become rather more unruly, erratic, annoying and OTT. Continue reading

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How terrible — I feel hopelessly jubilant.  It must be Rick.  He has a way of getting to me.  It’s his terrible willingness to give himself up for the sake of pleasure. 


The fact is, the path between a man’s mind and his orgasm is a maze, full of dead ends and unexpected openings that ultimately lead to release.  It’s something I’ve thought about, even studied.  Okay.  Informally.  No statistics here.  As a woman who’s mistressed her fair share of men, and as a telephone Mistress as well, I hear and say the things most girlfriends or wives don’t and maybe couldn’t, even if they wanted to.  Working by phone, I’m quite aural, and so are the men who call.
The men are providing the physical stimulation — as directed or allowed, of course.  But that’s only a small part of it.  Any guy can take his cock and his hand and stroke off.  Or slide down on a butt plug until it gets clamped into place. 

The question with most guys is what do they need to hear?  Or say?  Or do?  Even if they don’t know they need it. By the end of a call with someone, after we’ve taken our little journey together, I own a map of his desires, complete with landmarks, booby-traps, valleys, and pinnacles.  It’s that night’s maze, but after a few calls, I have a good sense of what is going to drive him to that point of ecstasy and euphoria that he lets himself go.  Continue reading