black gloves – blackmail

vedova allegraEvery man has a weakness.  Nathan’s frailty was a woman dressed in silk opera gloves.  He blamed Rita Hayworth, after being transfixed by her in Gilda.  From then, the majority of his best wanking thoughts involved a woman seducing him wearing gloves.

This private fantasy had never materialized to anything more than a fantasy and so hadn’t been a problem; that is, until red headed Kristy arrived at his office. The new office manager was a tall elegant lady who was maybe ten years older than Nathan and had recently been divorced. She had noticed the supposedly happily married Nathan staring at her slim legs on numerous occasions, and in Nathan’s mind, he thought she was more than just aware her legs got a lot of attention.

One night, she called Nathan in to her office and asked him for a favour.  Nathan said yes, before he heard what it was.  Three hours later they were attending a gala charity event at The Dorchester, and Nathan had lied to his wife about having to work late.   He hired a dinner jacket and had agreed to meet his boss in the lobby.  When she arrived dressed in a designer dress and black silk opera gloves he barely could remember his name, let alone that of his wife. Kristy soon saw the effect the gloves had on him, and began to use her hands more when demonstrating a point, or just fingering her earring or moving back a stray strand of her red hair. She watched Nathan’s eyes moving to wherever her hand was, and delighted in the power her gloves seemed to weld over him. At times she would test him further by moving her arms behind her back, only to watch him try to maneuver himself around the back of her. She found this dance between his eyes and her gloves extremely amusing, but she was also realising his glove fetish could be put to good use.

 For most of the night Nathan hovered close by, trying to be the perfect accompanying employee, but he felt flushed and short-breathed which continued until he drove Kristy back to her house.  It was then, still wearing the gloves, that she lightly touched his cheek and whispered in his ear that she knew he had been wanting that all evening.  Nathan closed his eyes in delirium and said that he loved her. Love has a cost, she told him.  Nathan said he would pay it to feel the gloves. She said she didn’t believe him and opened the car door to leave. Nathan pleaded for her not to go. She listened as he begged. She closed the car door and took both her hands and smothered his face in soft silk. He fell deeper in trance and just nodded his head when she warned him once more that he would pay.

 It was only the next day when Nathan was summoned into Kristy’s office that he realised how serious she was.  She produced her cell phone and Nathan heard a recording of himself stating his name, professing his love, and that he would do anything to be with the gloves.  It was unmistakably him, but he couldn’t remember saying such things; it proved how far gone he had been.  Kristy opened a drawer and placed the gloves on her desk and Nathan visibly dissolved.  She told him if he wanted to feel the gloves again, then he would need to come to work an hour earlier and leave an hour later.  If he didn’t then his wife would hear the recording.  Nathan  shook his head in panic and began to plead.  Kristy told him not to stress and that his reward for staying late tonight would be feel her gloves again.  Nathan nodded as he felt a hard on like no other.