I always enjoying hearing how a session left a residual effect on a caller.  Today, on yahoo, a caller comes on and instant messages me this…

Hello. It’s really too soon after last week, to think about a return. Income and all that. But I am thinking and feel an adoring, appreciative rant is due.
It seems that sometimes it takes a while for words.and images to come back to me. Over all these years we have covered many scenarios. Some leave me feeling shamed and humiliated. Others excited and desperate for more. None, ever, more so than that amazing night….
A few months back, when I was drunk and your voice found that perfect pitch, cadence and tone…spiritual!

And there you have it… one slightly hooked hypnotic slave. (I’m English – I always understate!)

black gloves – blackmail

vedova allegraEvery man has a weakness.  Nathan’s frailty was a woman dressed in silk opera gloves.  He blamed Rita Hayworth, after being transfixed by her in Gilda.  From then, the majority of his best wanking thoughts involved a woman seducing him wearing gloves.

This private fantasy had never materialized to anything more than a fantasy and so hadn’t been a problem; that is, until red headed Kristy arrived at his office. The new office manager was a tall elegant lady who was maybe ten years older than Nathan and had recently been divorced. She had noticed the supposedly happily married Nathan staring at her slim legs on numerous occasions, and in Nathan’s mind, he thought she was more than just aware her legs got a lot of attention.

One night, she called Nathan in to her office and asked him for a favour. Continue reading

Number 6 – Femme Cyclon


Battlestar Gallactica’s Number Six in all her various versions has to be the sexiest humanoid robot, and definitely deserving of a mention in the Femme Fatale clips.

IF you have never watched this brilliant series, the video clip gives you a glimpse.  I own the complete series on DVD


Hypnotic Triggers

TRIGGERS. I’m a disbeliever in them.  Yes, shocking, isn’t it, being that I own a hypnotic listing on the Niteflirt platform.  I should be telling you I can trigger you anytime I want, but if I don’t believe in triggers, that would be silly.  What I do believe in, however, is brainwashing, conditioning, and programming.  I have many that will vouch for my expertise in this.  (Of course, they will vouch; they’ve been brainwashed.)
Often, I am emailed asking if I can do this and do that, and will it work.  I offer no guarantees of anything working.  What I can guarantee is that I will do whatever it is I do, to give them a feeling of pleasure, relaxation, and arousal.  I say arousal because my subjects are mainly interested in erotic hypnosis.
With silence at the other end of line, I can often pick up whether it is working or not.  Don’t ask me how, but I can feel the acceptance through the line. Telepathic empathy?   Intuitive deduction?
Who knows?  Who cares?  Let go, free fall…

I don’t think one should bring reason or question into the hypnotic experience.   That rather defeats or hinders what the subject is searching for: a feeling of mentally disappearing and letting go.


If I repeatedly use the word ‘red’ and at the same time encourage a pleasurable feeling every time I introduce the word, then the subconscious mind is going to equate that with pleasure.  That is not a trigger, in my book, but more a  Pavlovian conditioning.  Seductive conditioning works best.  That’s a no-brainer!

So, please… don’t ask for a magic trigger on a first call.  I might indulge you and oblige, but you better believe I’ll be really working on the first step of conditioning you.