amnesia project…

I received the below email from a new caller after he purchased the AMNESIA PROJECT mp3 from the Goody Bag section.  I would say the recording had the desired effect.  I always enjoy hearing such positive words and on this occasion I thought I would share this with you…

…I listened on Niteflirt File play and clicked play all, the next thing I knew was it was about 3 hours later and there was an extremely loud Thunderstorm in progress and the mp3 was still playing the clicks that faded out at the end and then I stopped it. It must have been looping. I was extremely aroused and thoughts of you filled my mind but nothing else, my mind felt numb and blank except for wanting to hear your sweet hypnotic voice again as soon as I could. I actually felt distant from myself and everything around me. It was very strange but beautifully restfull and arousing. I feel so deeply that I will obey you Mistress, it is a deep desire inside me, maybe that was something in the mp3 but I don’t know. I wonder what else you said to me. Thank you so much Mistress. I will try to loop the Listen mp3 and listen to that tonight but I am tempted to listen to Amnesia again first. I also hope to session with you as soon as I can and of course when you let me Mistress. I feel so open to you Mistress it is hard to describe but so lovely to feel, I can feel you in my mind. I get so aroused just writng this too. 

Lots of Love

Totally Yours                    (name withheld for privacy)

check out…

after you have listened to the new MP3 – Welcome to the Sleep Clinic.    You can find it in the HYPNO BUY NOW.  I am always finding ways to manipulate, and the idea of the Sleep Clinic just sparked an idea.  This is not explicit, although I really must get down to doing a few that are.   Nevertheless, having said that, even when I am not explicit, I seem to manipulate a certain response in the listener’s lower region.

Feline sci-fi

Erotic sci-fi. What’s not to like. Many a good fantasy involves women from another planet on a mission to earth. Anyone see the classic ‘Cat Women of the Moon’?  It’s great in a wonderful B Movie sort of way.