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How terrible — I feel hopelessly jubilant.  It must be Rick.  He has a way of getting to me.  It’s his terrible willingness to give himself up for the sake of pleasure. 


The fact is, the path between a man’s mind and his orgasm is a maze, full of dead ends and unexpected openings that ultimately lead to release.  It’s something I’ve thought about, even studied.  Okay.  Informally.  No statistics here.  As a woman who’s mistressed her fair share of men, and as a telephone Mistress as well, I hear and say the things most girlfriends or wives don’t and maybe couldn’t, even if they wanted to.  Working by phone, I’m quite aural, and so are the men who call.
The men are providing the physical stimulation — as directed or allowed, of course.  But that’s only a small part of it.  Any guy can take his cock and his hand and stroke off.  Or slide down on a butt plug until it gets clamped into place. 

The question with most guys is what do they need to hear?  Or say?  Or do?  Even if they don’t know they need it. By the end of a call with someone, after we’ve taken our little journey together, I own a map of his desires, complete with landmarks, booby-traps, valleys, and pinnacles.  It’s that night’s maze, but after a few calls, I have a good sense of what is going to drive him to that point of ecstasy and euphoria that he lets himself go.  Continue reading