One with Mother

MotheGOLDr and daughter, stood facing each other. Mother in a black dress and Louboutin pumps; her blonde hair pulled up in a classic French pleat. She took her daughter’s hand and there in the palm firmly placed the gold gun.

Her daughter, a younger image of her mother: haughty, blonde, blue eyes,  lean and statuesque, slipped the gun down between her breasts, the barrel rubbing tight against the leather as she pulled the zipper up to her neck.  The soft leather catsuit was tight around her torso before flaring out at the leg over her favorite Louboutin biker boots.   She had been waiting for this moment–the opportunity to put all the training to good use.

They hugged, mother giving daughter a light kiss on the lips, before stepping back to watch her daughter take her leave out of the door.  It was time.
The mother poured herself a drink, Macallan Whisky, straight up, and sat down on the chair; two mobile phones were on the desk in front of her; she reached for the cheap throw away phone to make the call.

The man answered on the second ring.  No greeting, just a distinct and familiar voice brusquely  informing him a girl was on her way over. The phone disconnected before he could say one word. The call itself did not surprise him, but what did is that it was she who had made the call. She had always been obvious in her disdain for any contact with him. He grinned in the thought of her actually having to procure a girl for him. The usual arrangement was that some minion would arrange for a whore to come to his hotel. He had made no secret of his proclivity for certain sexual perversions, and one of the provisions when he was first  ‘turned’ was that he would expect certain favours be granted him.  The exchange of documents and cash had taken place earlier that evening. Now he was wanting the whore.

The daughter pulled up her hair and slipped under the Arai full face helmet. Gloves on, she mounted her prized MV Agusta F4 1100 CC 315 km/h. 1.078 cc engine motorbike.


Kicking up the engine, she kept it purring through the back streets, until… out on the state road, she revved up and disappeared into the night…

Her pulse was steady, seeming in sync with the speedometer. She was completely focused as she executed each turn on the dark winding road.  She had always loved bikes, much to her mother’s disapproval. It was the one defiant act she allowed herself. The vibrations were now having a distinctly pleasurable effect. She loved grinding hard into the seat, feeling the bike rewarding her effort with little  shock waves moving down her thighs.

The secluded hotel was in view, the lights of the rooms twinkling through the branches of trees  Slowing the engine, she looked for the opening where she was to leave the bike, 200 yards from the Manor Hotel. There is was, the lights now in full view. She parked and climbed off the bike, removed the helmet, and checked the time on her Girard-Perregaux watch.  Dead… on schedule, she thought.

She quickly stripped out of the leather, smoothing out the long soft flowing red Valentino dress.  From the opened seat of the bike, she removed the black ankle strap stilettos and the small Chanel handbag. Quickly moving, it took all of 3 minutes to go from black to red. Slipping the gun into the Chanel bag, she made her way on to a gravel path. A security person had been persuaded to leave the fire exit door ajar before making himself scarce. She moved quietly around the side of the building, once in the door, she began climbing the stairs.  Tonight was for mother, and she would not let her down.

It had been her and mother since she was two years old.  Her father had accidentally and fatally shot himself while cleaning an antique rifle. Her own memories of him were vague and conversation regarding father had never been encouraged.  Mother had provided for them both a very privileged lifestyle, never wanting for anything.  But, while life was privileged, she had never been indulged or pampered. At the age of eight,  it was mother who taught her how to strip and clean a rifle before teaching her how to fire it.

She moved quickly through the fire exit door and entered the corridor of the 4th floor. #410. She tapped lightly on the door.  Immediately, the door opened to reveal a portly, grey-haired, man wearing a black satin robe. she quickly brushed passed him.
Once in the room, she took a quick look around. Nothing had changed from her prior surveillance, except the king size bed was now covered with various restraining devices, dildos, a leather mask, several whips, and… a schoolgirl outfit. She sat down on the sofa, eyes on her target.

valentino_red_dressHis first thought was that she looked nothing like a whore.  The second thought was that she was too tall for the outfit he had for her. The third thought was that he didn’t care – she was hot.
She let him have his look before smiling and stating “you’ve been rather naughty, haven’t you.”

He was quick to correct her, “Oh, baby, you’ve been the naughty one, and daddy is gonna have to punish you.”   He was breathing heavy with excitement as he moved towards the bed.

She reached in the handbag, still smiling. “Well, I have not been as naughty as I am going to be… ”  His was hardly listening; his cock already responding to what his thoughts were focused on.

“You see, dad….dy,” she began slowly, “you’ve become a liability – bad for business, and just… plain bad all around, really.”  She brought the gun out and aimed for his forehead. “So… you have to go. Mummy said so.”

The man froze as he stared at the pointed gun, and realized she was no ordinary hooker,  but the daughter of…

Thud. The man fell backwards on the floor.

Her mind concentrated on what needed to be done. Training took over.
Slipping on the latex gloves, she rose and checked the pulse to make sure he was dead.  She moved quickly around the room, checking his clothing,  grabbing his phone, laptop, documents and cash from the briefcase. She gathered up what was on the bed, and with the gun still warm, stuffed everything into a large plastic garbage bag taken from her handbag. One more look around, she checked her watch.  One minute under. She stood, hand on the door handle surprised at just how easy it had been to pull the trigger and watch him fall. She looked back at him with disgust.  She’d read his file; no one was going to miss the bastard.

Down the stairs, out the door, she looked around to make sure no witnesses, including the paid security guard, needed to be dealt with. Back at the bike, she put the plastic bag under the seat, and zipped back in to the leather. Helmet on, she climbed on to the seat and gently stroked the engine to life. She turned the bike and headed back down the quiet road before moving into gear on the state road and entering the highway.
The arranged drop  was a rest area, just a short run from where she’d entered the highway. She pulled in and saw the black Escalade parked at the far end. A man in a black suit stepped out as she pulled up close to him. Raising herself up and forward, he took the plastic bag from in the seat, nodded, and immediately drove out of the rest area.

She waited until the vehicle was out of sight before removing the helmet and taking out her mobile. She had now completed her assignment, and everything, even the drop off, had been executed exactly as planned.  Mother will be happy.
She reached in the leather jacket and pulled out her mobile. “Mummy… “. She could just pick up a soft sigh of relief on the other end before hearing the dial tone.
Now, euphoric adrenaline could kick in.  She was as one with the bike and as one with mother. She revved loudly, and spun the bike around and entered the highway. She was already grinding down hard as she roared up the ramp.