And then there was Eve…

adam_eve_snakeWe all know history is written by men. And you know men. Those beings that are afraid of their own desires.

Think about our good friends Adam and Eve. Eve, of course, is the bitch. She didn’t listen. Not that Adam did, either. Or Eve did listen, but to the wrong being. Snake. That darned serpent. Adam listened. To Eve. To the snake.

Question: what’s skinny, longer than it is wide, and can move in unexpected ways?

If you answered a penis, you have a keen understanding of profound issues.

What was Adam listening to? Eve? The serpent? His desire for Eve, a.k.a. his penis?

Whatever the answer is, he opened his mouth, as if to receive sustenance, as an infant does from his mother’s breast. And he consumed. And became consumed.

The moral of the story: don’t be consumed by your own desires.

Ah. But you’re here now. Aren’t you. you’ve taken a bite. you’ve consumed. you know pleasure.

And it knows you. Does it ever.

I luxuriate in men’s desires, and the passions of sissies and baby boys who get all knotted up over something that seems – that seems at times – just out of reach.

I call that seduction.

Don’t get me wrong. Eve was seduced, too. By the serpent. By the thing that’s skinny, longer than it is wide, and can move in unexpected ways.

The difference between Me and Eve? I know what I’m doing.

I enjoy the company of men who are too weak to resist, with no thought of the consequences attached. Adam was innocent, and without knowledge. Not something you can claim. Remember that. As I lead you to places you desire and fear.