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For awhile now, I have been neglecting my sissies.  There is a reason for this – I am not particularly motivated to spend time on something that gives nothing back.    There are many, many free sissy blogs, a lot of which are written by sissies themselves, and others, written by women, that are nothing more than advertisements for you to call or buy something.  I have stayed away from that sort of thing.

Anyway, I believe you learn more, appreciate more, when you actually pay for it.  I know it wasn’t until I was paying my tuition at college that I really began to get serious with my studies.

So, from now on, you will have to have the password  to be able to read my postings.  The Sissy VIP Reading Room will take effect on the next posting.  The ONE TIME fee is $5.00 and can be paid through NF.

why factor – do men cross dress?

Taken from the  BBC radio – 30 mins.   I think some of you might find this very interesting, and of course identify with the subject matter.

Why do men cross dress? Mike Williams interviews Helen, a London Underground train driver, Peter a detective novelist – who prefers dressing as Penny – and Peter’s wife who helps to choose the clothes and decide Penny’s look. He talks to the artist Grayson Perry about the relationship between his art and cross dressing. He also poses the question why is it that western society accepts men in kilts, priests in cassocks but has issues with men in skirts?

The case of the missing condoms…

Newly-wed couple.  Wife, sexy, beautiful, and successful.  Husband, less successful, and with the early beginnings of a beer stomach, totally un-sexy.

Husband wears panties and female clothing, licks boots, sucks heels, likes being made to do certain perversions, wants to be kicked in the balls, spanked, and enjoys arse licking.  He habitually masturbates, looking at porn, and spends hours finding ways to degrade himself under my mentor-ship.

Wife attends social events for work, meets interesting people, is looked up to. She enjoys flirting, wearing sexy, not slutty,  clothing.  She enjoys going out, and has gained more confidence since starting the relationship.  Not dominant, but has been persuaded to take a more dominant role in order for husband to become erect.

Husband goes on a week’s holiday with a mate.  Returns, and going through wife’s underwear drawer (probably  to put on her panties), to his total surprise, finds a box of condoms with several condoms missing.

Case investigation:

they do not use condoms, so why is the box there?
If they don’t use condoms, why are several condoms missing from the box?
Why is the box hidden away?
When were the condoms purchased?

The husband leaves the box where it is and begins a daily watch on what amounts to probable evidence.

A few days later… 2 more missing condoms.

Husband believes wife is happy and couldn’t possibly cheat on him.  I say the truth is in the box, but this case is still under investigation.


just an aside… on porn

Occasionally, I will be directed to a blog or website to comment and give my interpretation of a photo or video.  For the most part, it’s porn (of course): Girl on Girl, Guy on Guy, BBC., Cuckolds Galore, Sissies gone Wild, Strapped on Dominatrices,  Sluts, Hot Wives, and on and on.  And then I come back to mine and well, mine is Uber-tame in visual hardware.  But this got me thinking… is there a such a thing as over-kill regarding pornography?
Remember when you had to really search to find something naughty, graphic, explicit, SURPRISING, in photos and videos.  Was the hidden chase for it more exciting then? Now,  just type in a word like ‘cock’, hit ‘image’ on Google, and you’ll just about see it all – explicit, hardcore sex, and it’s FREE!  Tons of it.  Gallons of it.  For the average porn surfer, does every photo, every act, every angle, every thrust, every suck, every hole, eventually become so predictable as to become… boring?
When I first started out on Niteflirt, the only photo I had up was of London’s Big Ben, and I rose very quickly to the top of list.  I was rather proud of that, only because, it was my brain and not my boobs that took me there.  I’ve always been more interested in the mind-fuck, the mind-games, and the visceral rather than the visual experience.So, basically, to get to the point, has the surfeit of  free porn killed the thrill….guy-watching-porn






or not?


sissy joy in panties

If there is one thing a sissy enjoys, it is showing off for ‘her’ Mistress.  As always, any attention is better than none.  So, here is the photo of sissy joy’s pretty panties and strappy heels.

I think a compliment needs to be given when possible, so let’s look at the legs – not too shabby.  Nice height, and slim, almost girl-like body.  If you dressed her up properly, wig, make-up, etc., she could reasonably pass as a female.

Sissy joy loves it when I make her do embarrassing things.  For instance, she loves humping the pillow, sucking on a big dildo, repeating girlie things, and… well, you get the picture.  A lot of fun, easy to ridicule, and very compliant while her little clitty is stiff.

So, another one for the Hall of Shame?  I don’t think so.  Just a guy who loves being a submissive girl.


Saw this on Tumbler.  Hope the person does not mind me putting it here, but really… my conversations with my sissies would be impossible for others  to understand – we barely understand, ourselves!