VIP Sissies

For awhile now, I have been neglecting my sissies.  There is a reason for this – I am not particularly motivated to spend time on something that gives nothing back.    There are many, many free sissy blogs, a lot of which are written by sissies themselves, and others, written by women, that are nothing more than advertisements for you to call or buy something.  I have stayed away from that sort of thing.

Anyway, I believe you learn more, appreciate more, when you actually pay for it.  I know it wasn’t until I was paying my tuition at college that I really began to get serious with my studies.

So, from now on, you will have to have the password  to be able to read my postings.  The Sissy VIP Reading Room will take effect on the next posting.  The ONE TIME fee is $5.00 and can be paid through NF.