The New Fem-Domme Blog…

Well, I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew (as if!).  This new multi-story Kink and Fetish  Blogging Platform will probably be a tad time-consuming, but I intend to have fun with it.  And, perhaps more important to me, find it yet another profitable venture. I can’t help it – I’m a bit of a greedy girl!   – I’m just a smart business woman at heart.  Now you got to respect honesty, haven’t you.  There’s a such a lack of it in the Adult industry.

So, is this why I started this blog?

Well, for starters I became fed-up with trying to put a decent listing on the NF platform. I just don’t get it. I would play around with the HTML and it would look fine on a test run. Then I would put it on Niteflirt and it looked totally different. I lost patience with the process.  So, someone came to my rescue. He is not exactly what one would call a sub., but he certainly submitted his time to me. He helped me set this up, and so I say… Thank you, M.  And, honestly, it doesn’t matter that you are German (inside joke). Well, never content with the simple and ordinary, the platform just kept on growing – as so did my imagination, which is never easily satisfied. Then, and really only then, I figured I have the opportunity here to make more money.

This category of my blog will be ‘devoted’ (such a nice word, that) to my Mistress listing on Niteflirt. Of course, there will be a lot of interaction between the other categories here, but that’s OK – maybe you’ll find a new fetish!

I will put down my musings, and things that interest me generally. I’ll and be discreet in what I say concerning certain callers, but other than that, it’s fair game here. My thoughts are my thoughts and although I am very willing to share them here, I do not expect them to be copied by other so-called… content snatchers.  Copyright – means no right to copy!


Doesn’t every Mistress really just want to be loved? I don’t mean in a soppy, mushy, romantic way – I mean in an adoring, worshiping, way. I love it when a caller actually takes the time to leave feedback. I never insist, but it is always nice when they do it.  And guess what, there is a correlation here:  My memory of a caller works better when they do something extra for me.  Everyone benefits.

Words from a few of my submissives:

*****Excellent first call. She took her time to get to know my kinks and reeled me in so slow and gentle, but all the time in total control. Truly captivating!
*****The best. She will out think you and then overpower you and make you love it!
*****Wow! She is the best at taking my fantasy to the next level. Very intelligent and intuitive. Love her British accent as well
*****if you have ever wanted the ultimate Goddess, this is the one. You will never in Your life find anyone better. Goddess knows You better than You know Yourself. i love my Goddess.
*****Stirring, rich and textured, first rate, stunning and magnificently crafted – this is an unbelievable woman !

Nice, huh?

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