The New Fem-Domme Blog…

Here I will put down my musings, and things that interest me generally.Stories, videos, kinks and fetishes. There are so interests.  So may thoughts, kinky and otherwise.  So much fun to be had here… However, my thoughts are my thoughts and although I am very willing to share them here, I do not expect them to be copied by other so-called… content snatchers.  Copyright – means no right to copy!


Doesn’t every Mistress really just want to be loved? I don’t mean in a soppy, mushy, romantic way – I mean in an adoring, worshiping, way. I love it when a caller actually takes the time to leave feedback. I never insist, but it is always nice when they do it.  And guess what, there is a correlation here:  My memory of a caller works better when they do something extra for me.  Everyone benefits.

Words from a few of my submissives:

*****Excellent first call. She took her time to get to know my kinks and reeled me in so slow and gentle, but all the time in total control. Truly captivating!
*****The best. She will out think you and then overpower you and make you love it!
*****Wow! She is the best at taking my fantasy to the next level. Very intelligent and intuitive. Love her British accent as well
*****if you have ever wanted the ultimate Goddess, this is the one. You will never in Your life find anyone better. Goddess knows You better than You know Yourself. i love my Goddess.
*****Stirring, rich and textured, first rate, stunning and magnificently crafted – this is an unbelievable woman !

Nice, huh?