The case of the missing condoms…

Newly-wed couple.  Wife, sexy, beautiful, and successful.  Husband, less successful, and with the early beginnings of a beer stomach, totally un-sexy.

Husband wears panties and female clothing, licks boots, sucks heels, likes being made to do certain perversions, wants to be kicked in the balls, spanked, and enjoys arse licking.  He habitually masturbates, looking at porn, and spends hours finding ways to degrade himself under my mentor-ship.

Wife attends social events for work, meets interesting people, is looked up to. She enjoys flirting, wearing sexy, not slutty,  clothing.  She enjoys going out, and has gained more confidence since starting the relationship.  Not dominant, but has been persuaded to take a more dominant role in order for husband to become erect.

Husband goes on a week’s holiday with a mate.  Returns, and going through wife’s underwear drawer (probably  to put on her panties), to his total surprise, finds a box of condoms with several condoms missing.

Case investigation:

they do not use condoms, so why is the box there?
If they don’t use condoms, why are several condoms missing from the box?
Why is the box hidden away?
When were the condoms purchased?

The husband leaves the box where it is and begins a daily watch on what amounts to probable evidence.

A few days later… 2 more missing condoms.

Husband believes wife is happy and couldn’t possibly cheat on him.  I say the truth is in the box, but this case is still under investigation.