just an aside… on porn

Occasionally, I will be directed to a blog or website to comment and give my interpretation of a photo or video.  For the most part, it’s porn (of course): Girl on Girl, Guy on Guy, BBC., Cuckolds Galore, Sissies gone Wild, Strapped on Dominatrices,  Sluts, Hot Wives, and on and on.  And then I come back to mine and well, mine is Uber-tame in visual hardware.  But this got me thinking… is there a such a thing as over-kill regarding pornography?
Remember when you had to really search to find something naughty, graphic, explicit, SURPRISING, in photos and videos.  Was the hidden chase for it more exciting then? Now,  just type in a word like ‘cock’, hit ‘image’ on Google, and you’ll just about see it all – explicit, hardcore sex, and it’s FREE!  Tons of it.  Gallons of it.  For the average porn surfer, does every photo, every act, every angle, every thrust, every suck, every hole, eventually become so predictable as to become… boring?
When I first started out on Niteflirt, the only photo I had up was of London’s Big Ben, and I rose very quickly to the top of list.  I was rather proud of that, only because, it was my brain and not my boobs that took me there.  I’ve always been more interested in the mind-fuck, the mind-games, and the visceral rather than the visual experience.So, basically, to get to the point, has the surfeit of  free porn killed the thrill….guy-watching-porn






or not?