The Senator


Our femme fatale has been hired by a huge corporation.  Her mission is to lure a highly respected, straight-laced senator into such a compromising position, he will be forced into exercising his influence in getting a certain bill passed.

She has done her research, hacking into his personal laptop, obtaining his schedule of appearances.  She knows where he shops, his friends and family, and his daily routine.  All documentation gathered.  She is now in position to catch her prey.


Time: 11.30 p.m.  Place: The Astoria Hotel, 7th floor.

Femme Fatale: Dressed in an ankle length fur coat with a shiny leather thigh high cocktail dress underneath, Large Designer sunglasses, black patent leather stiletto heels, a wide diamond choker,  black soft leather opera gloves and… a hotel room key card that just doesn’t seem to be working…

“Oh gosh, would you mind helping me, please.  I can’t seem to make this card work.”

The senator, moving towards her, on his way to his room, smiles and stops to aid the damsel in distress.  His smile seems to convey an open friendliness and at the same time a chauvinistic air.( She is blonde.)  He takes the key from her hand and slides it in the thin slit. Hearing the click, he releases the card and the turns the handle.

“Oh, goodness, I feel so silly.  My only excuse is, I’ve had a few martinis in the bar.”

The senator moves back and still smiling makes to turn away and head down the hallway

“No, please.  Wait a moment.  You are my knight! Please, let me at least give you a hug.”

She moves in, the large fur collar brushes up against his lips and nose as she wraps her arms over his shoulders.  The senator, taken off guard, tries to pull back

“That really is not necessary.  Please, madam, remove your… arms… and…”

 Her insistent hugging is having a very strange effect on the Senator and his tongue is beginning to feel numb.

“Oh my, you do look a bit weak.  Gosh, I hope you aren’t allergic to Mink.”

The senator tries to answer but his tongue feels thick in his mouth and a numbing sensation is filling his cheeks and moving down his jaw.  He stumbles with words and movement.

“Look, you must come in.  I insist.  Something is really wrong here.  Please, just lie down on the bed and just relax.  I’m sure it will pass.”

The senator lays back, anxious of what is causing the acute and mysterious attack on his body.

“Let me remove your jacket.  And, maybe loosen this tie, and undo these shirt buttons.  That’s feels better, I’m sure. I’m really concerned.  Let me remove your shoes, socks, and… well, maybe the trousers are too tight.  I better just carry on and remove the underwear.   Feel better?   Your  body can breath now.”

The senator feels a numbness in his feet and hands.  He looks up at the woman, imploring with his eyes for her to call and get help.

“Relax, senator.  Yes, I know who you are, and you are going to be fine.  I’ve watched you, you know, on  TV.  I’ve always thought you hot.  Just looking at your naked body now is actually making me very hot. Let me take off this fur coat.. I think it’s done it’s work, anyway.”

“I’m going to turn on the video camera now.  You see, senator, we’re going to have sex, and well… there are certain people who want to make sure you play ball with them.   I can be honest with you because the sound isn’t on.  I think just the visual will be more than enough.”

“Now, just enjoy it.  Honestly, I want you to.  I’m going to stroke you now.  Even though your extremities are numb, your penis isn’t and… we need to get that nice and hard.  Oh, look… it is getting hard!”

The senator watches as her soft leather clad hand strokes the shaft.  He cannot help but respond to the sensation of  her touch, and the visual of her outfit and curves and sensuous red lips. He can’t help but think under far different circumstances she would be his fantasy woman, but what the hell does she mean… play ball?  Is she an assassin?  Is this an elaborate frame?

As if reading the senator’s mind, she smiles and there’s a kindness in her eyes.

“I promise you, this is going to be pleasurable, and all mobility will return to you, and you will walk out that door on both two legs.  You know, senator, i knew you would be a darling boy. You see,  I saw on your home computer that you like to look at domination sites.  Yes, I was thrilled… pleasantly surprised… that the straight-laced senator, who does so much in his church community, was actually hooked on porn.  And that is such a turn-on for me.  Really.  We have something in common.”

The Senator’s mind reels at this information, as he tries to separate the fear and anger from the stirrings of arousal her hand is inducing.  He’s used to fighting and winning.  He cannot believe the absurdity of the situation.

She leans over and kisses his inner thighs, slides her tongue up over his stomach, and moves up to his nipples and gently bites.  She smiles as she moves back and lifts the hem of the black shiny cocktail dress to reveal the wide band of her black nylons and a large black shiny dildo hanging between her thighs..

“It’s okay, darling, I’m going to be gentle.  I promise it will make you cum really hard.  And see, you’re already rock hard.   Do you know, I sometimes masturbated while watching you on TV?  Yes, really.   I fantasized about mounting you and taking your cock inside me.  Of us making love, endlessly.  Through the TV you gave me many orgasms.  I just knew… underneath that aloof conservative stance, there had to be a hot lover.  Maybe another time, when I’m not working, we can hook up and explore that.  Would you like that, darling boy?”

With her words swirling around in his head, the senator stares at the black shiny dildo strapped between her thighs.  He never imagined those images on the Internet would ever be his reality.  The senator’s finding it more and more difficult  to hold on to any cohesive thought.  The feeling of arousal  overtaking anger and humiliation.  She’s so beautiful, so powerful…

“Now, I’ll just push myself in between your legs and curl them around me. That’s better.  Look into my eyes, darling boy.   There… slowly sliding in.  A little deeper now.  Just moving nice and slow, in and out.  Your cock is hard.  That’s going to be your downfall, you know.  Not that you can do anything about it.  You find me just as attractive as I do you.  Pushing in… that’s right, darling, I can feel you trying to lift up towards me. Responding unconditionally.   Harder now… harder… deeper…  all the way in now.  I do find you so very sexy, you know.  And, I wish, really wish, you could be making love to me, that I could enjoy your hands on me,  but this way, it’s more… in-forcible, if you understand what I mean.”

“Aaaaah….    Mmmmmmmmmmm……..    Yes, yes…. yes….”

She rolls her head back, softly moaning, as her vaginal spasms quicken to an orgasmic crescendo.  Stroking harder and faster on the shaft as if masturbating herself with it, the cock pulsates uncontrollably, helplessly, in the palm of her tightly squeezing  hand.  The senator, too weak now to fight the inevitable climax of burgeoning pleasure,  watches as his ejaculate spurts out over the black leather gloved hand…   Both now breathing in unison, as the internal ebbing rhythms still move in their bodies.

“Oh, so good.  Sooooo good, darling.  You came hard, didn’t you.  Me too. I know your lips are still numb, but I do so want to kiss you.  Plus… it’ll look good.”

After a long and gentle kiss on the senator’s lips, she slides away and climbs off the bed.  She peels off the gloves, one of which is soaked with the senator’s semen.  She turns off the camera; packing it away; removing the dildo, she slips it in to plastic bag, along with the gloves.  She smiles down at the senator as she smooths out the dress, and slips the fur coat over her shoulders.  Looking around the room for anything she might have left….

“Senator, in about fifteen minutes from now, all feeling will be back in your extremities.  You’ll be just fine. The toxin on my coat collar will leave no trace in your body, and only has a limited period of effectiveness.  I’m sorry I had to use it on you, and  I’m sorry I can’t give you my number, but don’t worry–I’ll find you, darling.  You will receive instructions, through a third party, on a certain bill that needs to get passed.  It’s been wonderful, and I’ve really enjoyed you, but now I really must go.”

She exits the hotel room door, and the senator waits for the return of movement, knowing… his life as he knew it, will never return.  The real absurdity, he realizes, is that he hopes she does find him.

Disclaimer:  I don’t actually believe in wearing the fur of any animal.

copyright Ms. Londoncalling.