About Ms. London

Mistress London aka Ms. Londoncalling. Ever since I first took the ice cream from a boy in return for letting him brush my hair, I knew there was always a way to get what I wanted - I just had to give the other what they wanted, and if I wouldn't give them what they wanted - then I had to make them want what I wanted to give. Easy, really This is my blog and I hope I can give you what you want, or.. what I want you want. Enslavement. Rapture. Submission. Money. Control. Power.


It’s been a very giving and fun year at the Bank and for the CEO of the bank. I have my team of money piggy boys to thank for the successes of the year. So, please take cheer with me this festive season and let us look forward to the coming 2020. Also, if you wish to read more of this post, you have to be a member of the bank lounge. For those that are… come on in.

Ms. London.