Domination and Assassination.

JACK RHODES is a salesman that attempts to wear many disguises to get what he wants: women. One day, he gets a video letter from a mysterious video-artist, MONIQUE (Shannon Tweed), who challenges him to meet her. She plays him like a fiddle and takes advantage of him. Now the tables are turned and Jeff can’t escape, not even with his life.
I missed this on HBO series of 1984, The Hitchhiker. I must look for it, but in the meantime, I love this clip.

Does it scare you that I love it? (-:

The Senator


Our femme fatale has been hired by a huge corporation.  Her mission is to lure a highly respected, straight-laced senator into such a compromising position, he will be forced into exercising his influence in getting a certain bill passed.

She has done her research, hacking into his personal laptop, obtaining his schedule of appearances.  She knows where he shops, his friends and family, and his daily routine.  All documentation gathered.  She is now in position to catch her prey.
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